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Is our choice of timber for our kitchens. It is a very dense grained hard wood, it's invariably knot free which allows for an almost flawless finish to the legs and frame work of all our painted cabinetry. Maple is tougher than Tulipwood (used by most other kitchen manufacturers).

Maple will take a good beating a still look great for years to come so it's the right choice for a high traffic environment. You'll notice that your cabinetry still looks fabulous 5+ years in...



Our dovetailed drawer boxes, oak trays and chopping boards are all made from sustainably sourced solid oak. Our oak is FSC certified prime grade which means it has very few knots and its grain is stunning to look at. We coat our oak with a stain of your choice and two coats of matt lacquer for longevity. You should be able to run our oak under a tap and the water should bead away the same way it would on glass. We are passionate about creating bespoke cabinetry that will last for years to come. 



Our bespoke cabinetry carcasses and shelving are made from beautiful veneered oak. Inside each of our cabinets you'll see real oak with a striking grain. We don't use melamine or plywood, they simply aren't beautiful enough. We ensure the internals of our cabinetry are as elegant as the exterior.


Veneered oak is known for its stable properties, especially across larger surface areas. Solid oak would be a poor choice for cabinet construction and would almost definitely warp and split. Like our solid oak, we apply a stain (for beauty) and two coats of matt lacquer for longevity to all our cabinet internals. 



Our end panels, flat drawer fronts, door panels, mantles, painted shelving and tongue and groove panelling in out bespoke cabinetry projects is made from the highest density moisture resistant MDF  - purely for longevity, it is a very stable material that won't move over time, it'll look the same forever with the correct maintenance. It's nothing like the quality you'd buy in a DIY store. 


Our cabinetry is handcrafted to order in our brand new 6,000 square foot state of the art workshop in Worcestershire, just outside of the beautiful village of Broadway in The Cotswolds. We invite all of our clients to visit and view the quality of our craftsmanship and meet our team. 


We use a blend of traditional and modern joinery techniques, to include mortise, tenon, dovetailed and pocket hole joints together with Lamello fixings where appropriate. Our furniture is built to last and we are forever looking to improve how we build and finish our cabinetry, we are passionate about innovation. 


We have some of the best machinery available on the market. We are very fortunate and proud to have been able to invest in an F45 Altendorf saw from Germany in 2023, ensuring every door and frame we make is perfectly square.


Our drawers are made from solid oak and are joined using time honoured dovetailed joints and feature our embossed 'Holly Oak House' branding.

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