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We put our hearts and souls into every design we create for our clients. Our renders are incredibly lifelike allowing complete visualisation of the space. We discuss every design characteristic with the greatest attention to detail being made. 

In this captivating photo, Holly Oak House's United Kingdom creation takes center stage - a symphony of elegance and functionality. Their beautiful and elegant modern kitchen is an exquisite fusion of impeccable design and craftsmanship. The harmonious blend of dark and light wooden cabinets, meticulously curated for a timeless contrast, forms the centerpiece of this culinary haven. Crowned with a luxurious marble kitchen top, which reflects the soft, warm glow of the refined and classy lighting, every detail in this space is a testament to Holly Oak House's unwavering commitment to creating spaces that seamlessly merge aesthetics and practicality, where culinary artistry flourishes amidst a backdrop of opulence.
The kitchen's elegance lies in its minimalist design, where less is indeed more. A pristine white palette dominates the space, creating an air of tranquility and purity. The absence of clutter and excess enhances the room's sense of spaciousness and simplicity, emblematic of Holly Oak House's dedication to refined design.


Our cabinetry is handmade in our workshop in Worcestershire by our team of experienced and qualified cabinet makers. We have invested heavily in industry leading machinery to create an end product which we believe sets us apart from the rest.


We finish our cabinetry ourselves in our spray shop. Any paint colour is available and we offer a range of stains for the oak internals at no extra charge. All natural oak receives two coats of lacquer for enhanced protection and longevity. 

Your eyes are naturally drawn to the light-toned cabinetry that adorns this kitchen. Its soft, subtle shades harmonize seamlessly with the serene white backdrop. Every detail of the cabinetry, from the clean lines to the discreet handles, is carefully considered, embodying Holly Oak House's commitment to minimalism without sacrificing functionality.
Your gaze is immediately drawn to the dark wooden cabinets that stand as the epitome of refinement. The deep, lustrous wood exudes an aura of timeless elegance, showcasing Holly Oak House's commitment to the highest standards of craftsmanship. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the perfectly matched woodgrain patterns, while the handles, adorned with subtle metallic accents, add a touch of modern flair, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation.


Unlike many other kitchen manufacturers, the cabinet makers who build your kitchen will also install it. A kitchen will only ever be as good as the installer so this is a crucial phase. A full counter top templating and fitting service is provided by our trusted partners. 



Holly Oak House*

Unit B4/B5 Vale Park South

Conference Way



WR11 1LB

01386 718 451

07510 593 666

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*Workshop & Showroom by appointment only

If you'd like a quotation for a bespoke cabinetry project, please leave your details below and attach any supporting information you have (such as architect plans, your own sketches, or inspirational images). Ballpark dimensions are useful if you have them at this stage.

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