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We recommend booking your fitter to fit your unit after it arrives in case of any unforeseen delays to your order.  We regret we cannot cover any losses for consequential delays. 


 A waste hole central to the drawer / cabinet in the counter top is provided as standard. In order for the pipework to be fully hidden by the vanity unit drawers (for those with open shelving below) it should be no lower than the following heights from the finished floor:



For all our units where a counter top basin option is selected

(with the exception of our Turned Leg vanity units)


For our Turned Leg vanity units with a counter top basin


For our Turned Leg vanity units with an under mount basin.


For all our units where an under mount basin option is selected

(with the exception of our Turned Leg vanity units)



For The Littleton  

A decorative waste will be required if you choose a under mount basin option with The Toddington &

The Henley as it will be visible below the unit. 

Please note that there is a minimum void at the back of all of our units (400mm or deeper) of 70mm for pipework.  The only exception would be our units which are 350mm in depth and in this case the waste cut out in the top drawer would fit flush to the wall.

The measurements from the end of our Newnham, Gotherington, Packwood, Cantlow & Stanton vanity units to the centre of each basin are as follows:


1200mm units - 340mm1300mm units - 365mm | 1400mm units - 390mm

1500mm units - 415mm1600mm units - 440mm | 1700mm units - 465mm

1800mm units - 490m1900mm units - 515mm | 2000mm units - 540mm

And the measurements from the end of our Loxley, Inkberrow, Pebworth, Burford, Stoulton &

Saintbury vanity units to the centre of each basin are as follows:

- 1200mm units - 310mm 1300mm units - 335mm1400mm units - 360mm

- 1500mm units - 385mm1600mm units - 410mm1700mm units - 435mm

1800mm units - 460mm1900mm units - 485mm | 2000mm units - 510mm

And the measurement from the end of our Charlecote vanity unit to the centre of each basin are as follows:

- 1500mm units - 250mm 1600mm units - 267mm1700mm units - 283mm

- 1800mm units - 300mm1900mm units - 317mm | 2000mm units - 333mm

This measurement will be required to ensure the pipe work is the correct place. However, please do add 10mm to the figures above if you intend to use these measurements to create your own counter top as we recommend a 10mm overhang to the left and right hand side of the vanity unit.

The following recommendations are made:


~The use of a 32mm P Trap

~ CT1 Adhesive & Sealant to fix our undercount basins in place (they may need packing up slightly)

~ Silicone to seal the counter top, counter top basin and upstand to the vanity unit


We recommend that the centre of your wall mounted taps be fixed into the wall:

~ For undermounted basin units: circa h150mm above the counter top of your vanity unit.

~ And for counter top basin units: circa h100mm above the top of your counter top basin.


Our vanity units should be fitted to the wall with two 90 degree L brackets and a little glue. We recommend fitting the skirting boards after the unit has been secured and is flush to the wall.


Our wall hung vanity units are supplied with a French cleat, consisting of two parts, the first is attached the back of the unit and the second needs to attach to the wall - we recommend using at least four strong fixings to secure the second part to a solid wall or stud work. We would then advise creating at least two addtional fixings from the back inner wall of the unit to the wall to ensure the unit cannot be lifted off the French cleat.


Predrilled tap holes are not a standard option on our vanity units as their position varies considerably dependant on the taps chosen, not one hole fits all! You can either asked your trusted fitter to drill your taps holes, or purchase the 'Predrilled Tap Hole' option from our shop.


If you purchase the predrilled tap hole option, please send us the link to your taps via email so we can review the dimensions and ensure the holes are in the correct position. If your fitter is happy to drill the tap holes, they will require a sharp diamond tool bit fitted to a hand drill (these can be purchased from a plumber's merchants or alike for less than £20) .


The stone will need to be fully supported on a flat surface, so not overhanging the end of a trestle for example. Pressure should be applied very gently and the area should be kept cool with cold water (hose pipe is best). If the above steps are missed there is a chance your stone may fracture or even crack.


We regret we unable to accept responsibility for any damaged stone once it has arrived safely in your care. 

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