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A 'Reeded Option' is now available as a bespoke option on all of our vanity units! Add characterful reeded drawer fronts (and door panels in the case of our cabinet units) to any of our vanity units. You will need to add one quantity to your basket for each vanity unit you'd like to add the reeded option to.  


To confirm, if an oak unit is ordered, the reeded detail will in oak and when a painted unit is ordered, the reeded detail will be painted in the same colour as the vanity unit. 


If you intend to order mutiples of the same vanity unit (but with different options / dimensions) please use the 'Add a Note' function at the checkout to let us know which this option should apply to e.g. "please add reeded option to w700mm Wootton finished in Skimming Stone."


PriceFrom £100.00
VAT Included |
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