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The Littleton is our teeniest vanity unit, perfect for those little spaces available as small as 500mm wide by 300mm deep. It is well suited to small bathrooms, ensuites and cloakrooms. With the proportions carefully engineered by our cabinet makers, they

wanted to make sure that even though petite, The Littleton still looked as beautiful as our larger pieces. Due to its size this unit is not currently available with an option for an undermount basin - we haven't found a basin small enough yet, but if we find one going forward we will most certainly add it as an option for you!


The dimensions of The Littleton are as follows:




Choose from either a 300mm, 350mm or 400mm depth unit. Please allow an extra 10mm for the overhang of the counter top (10mm to the front of the unit)




Choose from either a 500mm or a 550mm width unit. Please allow an extra 20mm for the overhang of the counter top (10mm to each side)




- 750mm (without counter top)

- 770mm (with Quartz or Carrara Marble)

- 780mm (with Full Stave Oak Top)


PriceFrom £1,220.00
VAT Included |
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